All American Scoreboards


  • Setting The Standard

    Engineering StandardAll American sets the industry standard for engineering excellence, with image quality, product reliability, advanced diagnostics and energy efficiency that delivers payback over the life of the scoreboard with a lower total cost of ownership.

  • Product Engineering

    Product EngineeringThe product is the child of Everbrite engineering, around which all else revolves. Applying the best of our research, we develop innovative solutions, discover how they can be improved upon, and then how they are applied in everyday usage. As with all aspects of our engineering services, we provide reliable on or offsite support as part of our satisfaction guarantee.

  • Value Engineering

    Manufacturing EngineeringEverbrite's Value Engineering team is constantly focused on improving the functionality of our products while reducing costs. Using all of our resources including the latest technology, we find and combine the best materials with the finest processes and components to ensure the greatest value for our clients.

  • Site Engineering

    Site EngineeringThe Site Engineering team focuses in areas such as customization, installation of products and the creation of viable systems interface, as well as documentation of the entire process. This is the group responsible for ensuring that all aspects of our products are meeting environmental demands, on par with quality standards, up to code and user friendly. And of course, client support is included in the picture.

  • Manufacturing Engineering

    Manufacturing EngineeringOur Manufacturing Engineers have the noble task of developing newer, safer and more efficient manufacturing processes that save on cost, are better for the environment and produce scoreboards of the finest quality and detail. Additionally we hold the responsibility of documenting all findings and aspects of the manufacturing process, which is key in terms of progress and troubleshooting.

  • Green Engineering

    GreenJust another way in which we are able to make a difference, new scoreboards are designed with friendlier, greener materials, and save more energy. All new outdoor and indoor scoreboards are designed to utilize energy efficient electrical components.