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  • Exclusive Supplier of Digital Scoreboard and Visual Display Solutions for The Miracle League

    A Miracle League Video ScoreboardWe are proud to support The Miracle League mission and offer a variety of All American Scoreboards products specifically designed to meet the needs and budgets of local Miracle League chapters.
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  • Scoreboard Packages

    A Miracle League Video ScoreboardEnhance the Miracle League experience with the latest all-star line-up of scoreboards and video displays.
    Field Of Dreams | Triple Play | Double Play | Major League | All Star | Lead Off
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We Share Your Vision

  • All American Scoreboards is committed to helping provide children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to play baseball.
  • Both companies support The Miracle League Vision for creating destinations where children and adults with disabilities can enjoy playing the game of baseball in a safe and barrier-free environment.
  • All American Scoreboards digital scoreboards and video displays can play a vital role in the long-term growth of the organization and increase fundraising strategies for local chapters.

Connecting Local Communities

All American Scoreboards digital scoreboards and LED video display technology can connect Miracle League families and local businesses.

  • Utilizing the connective power of social media and the memorable experience of being on the video display, participants and family members take the game-day experience to the next level.
  • Tweeted and tagged photos document the game experience.
  • Local sponsors can access this connected audience to build ongoing support.

Enhanced Fundraising Opportunities

All American Scoreboards digital scoreboards and video displays can provide The Miracle League affiliates with new opportunities for fundraising.

  • Scoreboard naming rights
  • Ongoing digital advertising
  • Rotating panel advertising

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  • The Miracle League

    The Miracle League LogoIn the 1997 Rockdale Youth Baseball Association’s coach, Eddie Bagwell invited the first disabled child, Michael Moore to play baseball on his team. By the Spring of 1999, the Miracle League was formed and became a source of pride for all involved.

    The Miracle League's short-term goal of 500 Miracle League fields, including international locations, will serve over 1.3 million children. This goal isbeing realized with the help of communities, volunteers, parents, donators,individual sponsors, and corporate sponsors.