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8000 Control Console
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Multi-Sport Control

Keeping score has never been so easy! Our lightweight and compact console can be quickly configured for use on any of our 8000 Series Scoreboards and Message Centers. Upgrading to a radio controlled system gives your console even more flexibility to keep score from nearly any location. Control either the Electronic Message Center (EMC) or the scoreboard with our Multi-Sport Console. Interchangeable slipsheets make it easy to score the sport you need. Removing the slipsheet reveals a fully operational keypad to change Electronic Team Names and control the EMC! Buy Online

8000 Series Console Spec Sheet.pdf (684K)

Wireless Radio Control

Adding this option allows you to connect to any 8000 Series Scoreboard with radio capabilities. Set up your scoretable at any location - or take the console with you during practice!
Easily connect to any 8000 scoreboard or message center with a few simple keystrokes - or control multiple boards with one console!
Indoor Range: 500+ Feet | Outdoor Range: 1500+ Feet

LED Indicators

Our LEDs make it easy to know exactly when your clock is running, the battery needs charging, a wireless scoreboard is connected and the auto-horn is activated.

Battery Powered / Backup

Each console comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that can control the scoreboard for hours at a time. Perfect for those locations without an AC power source or for peace of mind if your location ever has a power failure. No need to lug around a cumbersome battery pack - our battery fits inside the console casing and can charge while in operation!

Large LCD Area

We’ve more than doubled the size of our LCD screen from our earlier models, making it easier to keep your eyes on the game. This display shows all pertinent information with large characters and includes a backlight for easy viewing in any lighting.